FAST HR: General Intro to FAST HR

This is a back-to-basics introduction of FAST Human Resource Reporting. This is intended for any new FAST HR users or those who might want a bit of a refresher. We will take a high level view of the different reporting categories and be sure you understand what you're looking at and how to find what you need!

Total Length: 9:48

FAST HR: Running Basic Reports

This video will take a look at how to use the report Filter Options page to refine your report data and execute basic reports. We will also walk through the report results and show you the various elements of the report that you can use such as download to PDF or Excel, Email, and some basic report navigation tips and tricks.

Total Length: 10:30

Welcome to the new FAST Dashboarding

Welcome to the new and improved FAST Dashboarding! Dashboarding has been completely overhauled and gives you so many more options! Let us give you a first-hand tour of the changes and what you can expect to see!


Saving and Sharing Pinned Reports

There are a number of changes in FAST 4.3.16+ and here's one of the big ones! How to create (save) and also share your Pinned Reports. We'll look at this from the end user level and also take a look at some of the administrative elements when sharing Pinned Reports to one or more user groups.


Creating Graphs and Grids

This tutorial will walk end users through the new and improved graphing as of FAST Version 4.3.16+. We'll look at how to create a basic graph and a grid and then how to add those items to one or more dashboards. This is a new and improved function in FAST and we hope you like what you see!


General: Advanced Options

This short video offers some tips on how to use the Advanced Options to customize your report data! We will take a look at FAST Finance Reporting but you can use these tools across all areas of FAST! We will look at how to hide columns, how to re-arrange columns, how to apply custom column filters and use the Advanced Options Tab on each report.

Total Length: 10:45

General: Understanding your Tabs in FAST

This short video will explain and demonstrate the difference between the Dashboard and Pinned Reports Tabs on your Home Page as opposed to the tabs within each of your FAST Applications. I will show you how best to make use of each of these tabs to make your reports and your dashboard items easy to find and access. This video is intended for all users within any of our FAST applications.

Length: 9:00

AD Hoc Dynamic Selection Reporting

This quick video is a general FAST training video that covers a new feature added in Version 4.3.15 called Ad Hoc or Column Level Dynamic Selection Reporting. This is a great way to capture populations of ID's or other report values and applying them quickly and easily against another FAST report! This video is module neutral.


Column Level Dynamic Selections you want to save

This quick video is a general FAST training video that continues to look at the new "Ad Hoc" or Column Level Dynamic Selection Reporting Tool. This video will show you how to capture the selection but also save it for future or ongoing use! This video is module neutral.


FAST HR: Position Reports To

This short tutorial will walk users through how to find and use the new Position Reports To video in FAST Versions 4.3.05+. This report allows you to review and export position and employee data based on the “reports to” but will generate that data as a report rather than an Org Chart.

Total Length: 7:30

FAST HR: General Overview

This course will demonstrate how to use the main menu, how to select a “default tab” and how to find and execute a basic report.

Length: 10:45

FAST HR: Customize your Report

This course will demonstrate how to export your report data to Excel or PDF, how to change the column size and position on your report, how to use the custom column options and also begin to explore how to use the Advanced Options Tab.

Length: 9:36

FAST HR: Leave Time Details

This video will walk your end users, either centralized or de-centralized, through the use and functionality of the new HR Leave Time Details report in FAST HR. Monitor employee leaves and leave trends in your department or at your institution and report back on key data including Leave Codes, Employee Class, Orgn Codes or Departments. We will also demonstrate different ways to summarize and aggregate your report data to use the Advanced Options, Custom Filters, Cross Tabs and Grouping to review and display your data in a variety of ways.

Total Length: 14:00

FAST HR: Leave Calendar

This video will walk your Administrators through the setup of the new Holiday Entry form to include and define your institutional holidays. We will then move to the new HR Leave Calendar and demonstrate how your managers – either centralized or de-centralized – might keep track of different holiday and other leave types in their unit or across multiple departments. We will also demonstrate how to use different colour coding to specify how the calendar will display either by leave type or by Employee ID.

Total length: 9:00

FAST HR: Using Cross Tabs

This video will explain and demonstrate how to use the Cross Tab feature and advanced functionality in any of your Human Resource reporting. This course is for all end users within the FAST HR application.

Total length: 9:50

FAST HR: Age Grouping

This short video will walk you through the administrative set-up and functional options of the new Age Grouping Report. You will learn how to create new Age Groups, define the range of group ages within each category, and then how to execute the new Employee Age Grouping report using your defined age groups!
This course is for all Administrators and managers within the FAST HR application.

Total length: 9:15

FAST HR: Pinned Reports

This course will explain and demonstrate what is a “pinned report”. We will then walk through the steps to create and save a report, then illustrate where to find your saved reports as well as how to execute or modify your reports.

Length: 9:41

FAST HR: Basic Graphing

This course will cover the basics of Graphing within the HR application. We will explain how to prepare your report data for graphing, walk through the steps of creating a graph, show you how to save a graph and also how to 'pin' that graph to your Dashboard to make it available with a single click!

Length: 13:52

General: Grouping V4.3.04

This video will walk all end users through the use of Grouping in your FAST reporting. We will cover demos from FAST Student using grouping “counts” and FAST Finance using grouping “sum”. This tutorial can be applied to all FAST applications and is designed to give an overview of the Grouping function to show you the different options available. Grouping is a great way to summarize or aggregate your data and display your report detail in a different way, quickly and easily!

Total length: 11:00

General: Adding Column level customization

This video will demonstrate the various ways you can modify and customize the look and feel of any reporting page for your own personal use. We will look at applying column sort orders, applying custom column filters to refine your data and also at how to hide certain columns from your final report. These tools can be applied to any report in any FAST application and are end user driven; they are not global changes, but rather just for the benefit and use of the different end user needs’ that your employees may have.

Length: 14:30

General: Report Scheduler – Personal Pinned Reports

This video is designed for ALL FAST Users who wish to explore the brand new Report Scheduler functionality introduced in FAST Version 4.3! We are going to cover an intro to the Report Scheduler and show you how to schedule your personal Pinned Reports to be delivered to your inbox at regularly scheduled intervals. It is important to have a solid understanding of how to set up and manage your Pinned Reports before beginning the Report Scheduler.

Length: 13:45

Virtual Columns: Course 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual Columns! In FAST 4.3.06+ you can now create virtual columns using existing column data or creating calculated formulas to create brand new information! This first course will take a look at how to create and manage your own Virtual Column by combining the content of two existing report columns!

Length: 14:35

Virtual Columns 2: Creating Calculated Columns

Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual Columns! Part 2 in our Virtual Column Series will walk you through an introduction to creating calculated virtual columns; that is, columns based on a formula or equation to produce your own custom column in your FAST report!

Length: 10:00

Virtual Columns: Troubleshooting Errors

Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual Columns! This short tutorial in our VC series will walk you through how to troubleshoot your Virtual Column if you accidentally create a flawed formula that causes your report to fail. Keep calm and watch on!

Length: 7:30

FAST General: My Top 5 Tips

This course offers users of all FAST Reporting applications my top 5 tips and tricks within the application. Some may be familiar but may also be features you have heard about but not yet begun to use for yourself. I will demonstrate my first “top 5 picks” in this video! The topics covered will include: column and report level filtering, using the Advanced Options tab, using the Report History button, exploring the Filter Trail and other navigational tips, and finally Pinned Reports!

Length: 35:00

General: Dashboards and Graphing

This course is intended to cover the basic principles of advanced Dashboards and Graphing in any of the FAST reporting applications. Students will learn how to create, manage and organize their own Dashboards and then learn how to create a basic graph from a typical reporting page. To do this, we will cover the Advanced Options and the fundamentals of changing the look and feel of reports to aggregate the data in a different way. We will cover how to build graphs and grids to make available for quick and easy access on the dashboard of your choice.

Length: 38:41

General: Dynamic Selection Reporting

This course is designed for users of any FAST reporting application and will introduce them to the concepts and functionality inherent in the Dynamic Selection Reporting toolset. Participants will learn how to generate a population selection, how to import a selection from their own Excel spreadsheet, how to execute reports using their own Dynamic Selection criteria and how to upload the selection back to the ERP.

Length: 20:00