Departmental Options (Admin)

This tutorial is designed for Administrators who will be responsible for managing departments, setting up default contact info, automating the Journal Voucher entry and also managing access to departments by designated end users. We'll also cover where to find the basic Departmental Req status report.


Buyer Admin

This tutorial is designed for Administrators who will be responsible for managing the Buyers and the Purchasing maintenance.


Intro to the FAST Table Builder

This video will show Administrators how to use the new Admin feature (4.3.14+) to create Oracle Tables in FAST from an Excel template! This is a quick and easy way to create an initial table, format it correctly and ultimately work toward creating a sophisticated data entry page in FAST that you can use to replace external sources like Excel or Access where you may be housing key data. This first step involves creating the Table and the easiest way to do it, is to just import an Excel template - I'll show you how easy it is!


Create a Table from Scratch!

This quick video covers how to create a new custom Oracle table in FAST from scratch! We will look separately at the Excel import option; this video will cover how to build a table, add and format the data types and this is the first step in creating your own custom data entry page!


The Data Entry Page Builder and the Table Builder

This video will show Administrators how to use a newly built Oracle Table - either from scratch or from an Excel file - and work through the Wizard to create your own custom data entry page in FAST. This is a multi-faceted and powerful new toolset that will allow you to house data in FAST


Adding FAST Objects to your custom Data Entry Pager

This video will walk administrators through an advanced feature that allows you to pull in additional fields from baseline FAST objects to your new custom data entry pages. This allows you to create pre-populated validation fields and join additional objects from the FAST warehouse to your custom report.


Page Level Admin on your new Data Entry Report

This video will show Administrators how to format your new custom data entry pages. We will look at column formatting, making edits or adjustments at the page level, adding page notes and making sure that report runs smoothly before releasing it to your end users.


Managing your Custom Data Entry Pages

This video will show Administrators how to manage your new FAST custom data entry pages! We'll show you how to make sure they are approved, and that report-level security is properly layered on so your end users can find and run the report when you're ready to reveal it!


Menu Access Refresher

This quick video is a refresher course for Administrators using the Menu Access form! A few things have changed as of Version 4.3.15 so check it out for details and also for a quick reminder of how to use this page correctly. We also take a look at how to assign security - both read-only and read-edit - to the newer data entry pages within the applications. This video is module neutral.


FAST Admin - Report Level Administration

This video will walk Application level Administrators through the steps involved to modify baseline settings on all reports in all applications. You will learn how to modify how the report displays, what column labels to use, which end user groups see which fields, which filter options they can choose from and a wide variety of additional parameters that allow you to customize the reports for your client groups. This is an important component for both baseline reports and custom report administration.

Length: 13:30

FAST Admin - Report Scheduler - Administrative

This video is designed for Site Administrators who wish to explore the new Report and Event Scheduler functionality introduced in FAST Version 4.3! We are going to cover an intro to the Report Scheduler and show you how to schedule events or Group Pinned Reports to be delivered to your end user groups at regularly scheduled intervals. It is important to have a solid understanding of how to set up and manage your Group User Roles before beginning the Report Scheduler. Once you have established your Group Roles, created Group Pinned Reports and assigned end users to each Group, you are ready to send them the data they need, when they need it, right to their inboxes!

Length: 13:30

Creating and Scheduling Group Pinned Reports

This video will show application administrators how to create Groups, define Menu Access and most importantly, create Group Pinned Reports that you can schedule to deliver to the members of each group at a regularly set interval. It's a great way to decentralize your key reports, and allow FAST to send the report data directly to the users' inbox as a PDF or Excel doc!


Admin: Pinned Reports Stats and re-assigning maintenance

As of FAST version 4.3.06, application and site administrators have the ability to run Pinned Reports stats to see, at a glance, how many of your end users are creating, running and scheduling Pinned Reports and even graphing them on Dashboards! This is a great way to be sure your staff are making the most of all the features in FAST! This report also allows you to re-assign maintenance or control of Pinned Reports to yourself or any other end user within the application. This can be used when staff leave your department and you still want to maintain the reports they have created!

Length: 10:45

FAST Admin - Access Part 1: Define Roles

This video is for the application administrators and is Part 1 in a 3-part series looking at the subject of "Access". Part 1 will walk through how to Define Roles and create new roles and also how to begin using roles to create and manage Groups.

Total Length: 9:45

FAST Admin - Access Part 2: Menu Access

This video is for application administrators and is Part 2 in a 3-part series looking at the subject of "Access". This course will walk administrators through the process of how to assign, remove and manage menu access with the available roles in each application. This allows you the flexibility to customize exactly which reports are available to which user groups on campus - allowing you the ultimate control in "who sees what"!

Total Length: 9:10

FAST Admin - Access Part 3: User/Role Assignment

This video will wrap up our 3-part series on Access for administrators of any FAST application. We will take a look at your employees on campus and show you how to now add people or staff to your various Roles and Groups.

Total Length: 9:37

FAST Admin-Access Logs and Reports

This video will walk application administrators through the use and navigation of 4 key administrative reports: Menu Access Audit Log, User/Role Assignment Audit Log, Menu Access by Role and Menu Access by User. These are key reports in always being able to answer the question "who sees what" in your FAST applications! It will also allow you to track changes made to access or assignments over a certain period of time.

Total Length: 8:00

Virtual Columns: Using Visualizations

This tutorial will offer a brief re-cap on how to apply Visualizations to your report results using the Hyperlinks tab. We will then work through the steps of creating a Virtual Column and demonstrate the available options as well as the impact this has on our report.

Length: 12:10

Virtual Columns: Admin

This tutorial will offer the application and site administrators a behind-the-scenes perspective at how to manage Virtual Columns on a global level. We'll discuss how to create, edit and delete your Public Virtual Columns that all end users can take advantage of.

Length: 8:15

Metadata Lookup and Intro to Query Builder:

This course will walk the power users and administrators of each FAST application through the steps required to execute the Metadata Lookup report and understand how and where to locate warehoused fields in each FAST data object. We will then take that knowledge and transfer it to the FAST Query Builder to begin building our own custom queries in each application. This course is module agnostic and can be applied to any FAST application, but is intended for those who will be using the Query and Page Builder toolsets.

Length: 10:30

FAST Admin - Using the Warehouse Builder

This is an advanced function and this video will walk your IT support or Admin teams through the use of the client Warehouse Builder tools to warehouse your own custom tables and pull them into the FAST data warehouse. We will demonstrate how to use the Warehouse Builder in the reporting applications and cover some possible scenarios and
'best practice' solutions.

Length: 22:05

FAST Admin - Using the Custom Page Builder

Once you have created a Custom Query, it's time to use the FAST Page Builder Tools. This video will walk Administrators through the steps of creating a custom FAST report, in any application, that has the same look, feel and functionality as all other baseline FAST reports. This will help give continuity to your end users and fill any reporting gaps. We will work through the steps of the Page Builder wizard, the Administration Tab, Managing your custom reports and assigning security so that end users can see and run them.

Length: 35 minutes

FAST Admin - Creating Custom Data Entry Pages

This is an advanced or administrative function that will walk you through the Data Entry Page Builder wizard. This allows us to capture a query and create our own data entry page right in FAST where end users can capture information that is not currently being captured in your ERP. These pages can be used for data entry and also for reporting.
I will demonstrate each step and offer some suggestions for 'best practice' solutions.

Length: 23:30

FAST Admin - Manage Data Entry Pages

Once you have mastered creating your own custom data entry reporting pages, remember to manage them correctly! This tutorial will walk you through how to Manage your custom data entry pages including edits, page level administration, approval and even assigning user roles to the new reporting pages and offering them distinct levels of permissions such as read-only and/or data entry.

Total Length: 16:00

FAST Admin: Adding Hyperlinks and Email Controls to Custom Reports

This admin feature allows you to take Custom Report Building to the next level by adding in your own custom hyperlinks - linking your custom report data to another FAST report using common variables! We will also show you how to turn an email Datagrid column into a functional email control that lets your end users email students or employees right from your custom FAST report! The best part of all is that the entire process is seamless and intuitive to your end users and works just like the rest of your FAST baseline report hyperlinks.

Total Length: 16:30

Admin: Dashboard set-up steps

This tutorial will walk the Application level Administrators through the necessary set-up steps to use the enhanced Dashboarding in FAST 4.3.16+. We'll cover Creating Roles, Groups and Menu Access to ensure that the right people have access to the right reports!


Admin: Creating a Group Dashboard

This tutorial will show the Application level Administrators how to create a new Dashboard and assign it to one or more of our new Groups. We'll also begin to cover some of the Admin options on the Dashboard.


Admin: Creating Graphs and Grids for a Group Dashboard

This tutorial will show the Application level Administrators how to create and add one or more graphs and grids to a Group Dashboard.


Admin: Adding Dashboard Filters

This tutorial will show the Application level Administrators how to add one or more Dashboard Filters for end users to apply to the graphs on each Dashboard. This is an advanced function.


Admin: Managing Dashboard Themes

This course is for Site Administrators and will walk you through the process of managing or adding to your existing Dashboard Colour Palettes or "Themes". This is a great way to add visual appeal and customize your Dashboards for your end users!


FAST Admin:'Data as of' in Custom Reporting

This quick video will walk you through a change as of release 4.3.06+ that now allows administrators to disable the 'data as of' time stamp from your custom reporting pages and custom data entry pages This change allows you to take into account data sources other than the FAST data warehouse and alleviate any confusion for your end users.


FAST Admin - Using the Admin Pages

This course will offer administrations within any FAST application a detailed overview of the new Administration pages in the following categories: Access, Layout and Information. We will demonstrate examples of how to navigate the new pages, how to make global changes and how to find and run the new audit reports within the application.
This course is designed for application administrators only.

Length: 37:00

General: Visualizations and Hyperlinks

This course is intended for Power-Users within all FAST applications and will explain and demonstrate the use of Visualizations and Hyperlinks. We will demonstrate the user of Visualizations and Hyperlinks in your own Custom Queries and also explain how to import/export your Hyperlinks between FAST instances and environments.

Length: 22:08

FAST Admin - Site Administration

This is an Administrative Course intended for application and site level Administrators. This course will cover, at a fairly high-level, an introduction to the Site Administration application and a comprehensive overview of the Quick Launch tab including an introduction to the Access, Layout and Information tabs.

Length: 32:15

FAST Admin - Using Groups

This course is intended for all FAST application administrators and end users who would like information about how to use FAST "groups" for shared data. This course relates to all FAST applications and will explain the concept of "groups" within FAST. The course will also demonstrate how to create and share a group Pinned Report, a group Dashboard and illustrate how to attach items to this Dashboard. We will also seek to explain the benefits of using user groups for your shared reporting needs.

Length: 11:45

Advanced Query and Page Builder

This course will introduce students to the concepts and functionality that exist in the FAST Report Builder Toolset. This course is module agnostic and can be applied to all applications. Students will learn how to create their own custom built queries and then turn those queries into custom-built reporting pages that have the same look and feel as the baseline application reporting pages.

Length: 45:35

FAST Admin - The Administrator's Toolkit, Part 1

This course is designed for Administrative Staff of the FAST application and will assist administrative and power users in managing the application on a global level. The course will cover how to create and roll-out reports with Restricted Fields to limit who is able to view the various fields in the report. We will also cover Advanced Dashboarding techniques as well as how to make global changes to the look and feel of your reports using the Advanced Options Tab and the very powerful Administration Tab.

Length: 29:31

FAST Admin - The Administrator's Toolkit, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Administrator's Toolkit Video Series. This course will demonstrate how to use the following key Administrative features within the FAST applications: Menu Layout, Menu Access, Define Roles, User / Role Assignment, Account Expiration, Configuration Settings and understanding the Table Metadata.

Length: 37:22